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Monday, 24 May 2010

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Hi there, Belleruth,

Do you have an opinion on Emotional Freedom Techniques for PTSD? Any contact with anyone who has been helped by it? The website says that it's amazing for PTSD, but I don't know anyone who has tried that.



Dear Jared,
I've not used it clinically myself (because I didn't learn about it until after I closed my practice), but I first researched pretty thoroughly for my book, Invisible Heroes.  For the book, I talked to several clinicians whom I trust and respect (Nancy Napier, Bill O'Hanlon, Bev Donovan, Ed Padin-Rivera and several others), as well as some recovered trauma survivors who had used EFT, and it gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

You might want to read up on it at Lily Casura's excellent site, She has a very good description here.

And there's a summary of some EFT studies here.

Bill O'Hanlon says it creates less distress than EMDR while being just as effective.  Nancy Napier has reconfigured her whole practice because it's been so good for her clients - not just for those with PTS but for any challenge - and as a result, she’s become a dedicated EFT trainer of other therapists in the New York City. These are two very highly respected therapists, as you probably know.

So I would say go for it.  It won’t hurt and it could help a lot.  

All best,

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written by Valerie, May 25, 2010
Gary Craig, the creator of EFT, has made a movie about using EFT with war veterans. I think it is to be released in 2010. There is a clip on
written by belleruth, May 26, 2010
Yes, I've seen previews of that film. Thanks for the reminder.
written by Linda B. Clarke, May 26, 2010
Margaret Ann Kellogg (Starwood Counseling Center) practices in Frisco, Texas using EFT. Frisco is north east of Dallas, Tx on HWY 75. There are quite a few therapists / practicioners of EFT in the north Texas due to Margaret Ann's training She is outstanding.
written by Belleruth, May 27, 2010
Thanks for posting this. I hear it's already been useful to certain Texans! For referrals, you can't beat word of mouth from sincere people who know what they're talking about.
written by marie-francoise, June 02, 2010
Hi, I have used EFT previously. I taught myself to use it as described on Gary Craig's website. I think it has been somewhat useful with sketchy results. However, I would love to go to a practitioner at least once or twice but the cost of a session is really high. It could be where I live (Los Angeles area) but it's impossible to find someone who will do it for less than $150.00 to $200.00 per session. That may not seem to be a large amount but over the 3 or 4 (recommended) sessions it can add up. I work part-time, have a child and am struggling to make ends meet. I've tried looking for a practitioner who would be willing to reduce their fee or barter to no avail. I've even tried to find someone in advance training, in the hope that they could allow a discount since they weren't certified yet. I understand that EFT practitioners have to make a living like anyone else and should not be expected to provide their skill & expertise for free. But I sure wish a more economical alternative (besides doing it to myself with so-so results) was available.
written by marie smett, June 23, 2010
a friend of mine is a certified eft practitioner here in france. she can do sessions over the phone and speaks very good english. she sometimes does free sessions for people in difficult financial situations like you. you could contact her and see if she could work with you . just let me know if you want her email address.
written by Erika, June 30, 2010
Dear Marie Smett,
I would be interested in talking with your friend in france who is an EFT practitioner. I have a similar financial situation. If I could have her email address that would be wonderful.
written by marie-francoise, August 03, 2010
hi marie smett! i haven't come back to this site because i didn't see an answer initially. if your friend in france is available and willing i would love to have her email address. thank you so much! but how do you and i get in contact with each other (without our info being made public? Belleruth can you help with this?)
written by Anne, January 15, 2013
Hey! Regarding EFT, I wanted to attest to this technique and say that it does work for PTSD. I developed PTSD after a sex assault (not rape) I experienced a couple of years ago. I got really into the spiritual healing arts and that alone did tremendous things for me during my healing process, but it felt like there was a glass ceiling to my ability to move on. My dad later introduced me to this method and I saw an EFT practitioner over the summer, since I was still not fully living my life and having flashbacks. OMG, after 4 sessions over SKYPE, my life transformed. I was no longer having depressive symptoms, the PTSD was gone, flashbacks were gone, and even in the presence of the person who betrayed me, I found myself being able to forgive him (since that was my goal in all of this), and his presence was no longer a trigger for me. Me being in the same room with him just ends up being more annoying than anything. I am able to trust people more, I am so comfortable with the opposite sex and have developed positivity towards sexual intimacy, more than ever before actually. And in talking about the event, I could freely discuss it, with very little emotional attachment to it. I really do encourage people to try this method, just see what it does for you! It did wonders for me. :)

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