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Monday, 09 January 2012

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Hi Belleruth,
I'm a "fan" and I've read your books and have referred clients to your CDs. My question is this: Do you use and or support EFT for trauma and combat PTSD?
[Ed note: EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a protocol that has people tapping on acupressure points while recalling or retelling their traumatic event(s), a process that somehow releases the trapped energy of those memories and thus reduces or eliminates PTS symptoms – sometimes with surprising speed]

Sue Hannibal, Army wife and EFT Practitioner


Sue, absolutely yes.  The timing of my reading your question is a little spooky and synchronicitous, because not ten minutes earlier, I’d just finished reviewing a Gary Craig DVD, given to me some time ago by EFT master trainer, Carol Look.  (It was powerful, inspiring and persuasive, even though I was not wild about the title - The Answer - because it implies there is one Silver Bullet for combat stress, and those of us who have been around the block a few times know we need many silver bullets – a whole toolkit of silver bullets – for the variety of people and conditions that are out there.)

We proudly carry Mary Sise's video of an EFT protocol in our catalog (even though she calls it Thought Field Therapy, it’s really more like EFT), and I recommend it a lot for combat stress.  It would certainly be good if more returning warriors knew about EFT.

Namaste back to you,

Ed. Note:  You can see a very moving example of Sue using EFT with a traumatized Navy Corpsman, who releases a terrible memory from childhood that got activated by his violent experiences in Iraq.  At 10, he saw/heard his distraught babysitter shoot and kill her husband and then herself.  Terrified, he also was scared for his younger siblings. They all got out OK, but the memory stuck (literally).  

Note that during these sessions, she is tapping herself, too – not just to guide him by example, but also to release the trauma in herself as she hears the story repeated over and over.  You may want to do the same as you watch.  The radiant, relieved look on the corpsman’s face when he completes the work is like the sun coming out. That was in 2004 and, according to Sue, he remains symptom free.  Click here to watch the 16 minute clip: 

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written by Marian, January 10, 2012
I love EFT. I've used it to clear past trauma and pain. It's so profoundly helpful that I'm now getting my certification as an EFT practitioner! Thanks Sue and Belleruth for putting this 'out there' ! The more people who know about and use EFT, the happier we'll be!
written by Mike Grant, January 11, 2012
Hello Bellaruth, Sue and Marian - i am a EFT trainer in the UK (for 8 years) and also trained in CBT & EMDR. I have applied EFT to really seroius issues with lots of success (people with cancer (for pain and the fears around it), self harming, crack cocaine use,etc.). although my main interest is in PTSD. my experience is that you get less abreactions with EFT than EMDR because the tapping disrupts the emotional charge as the feelings are arising - and also as you stated the tapping on self helps avoid/reduce burnout and/or vicarious trauma in the therapist.

thanks again for all your great work - i use your cds within health promotion within the UK.

kindest regards
written by Belleruth, January 11, 2012
Mike, your comment about EFT creating less distress than some of the other techniques sometimes do, is precisely what uber-expert Bill O'Hanlon says - I quote him in Invisible Heroes, saying precisely what you say here. Thanks for posting.
written by heidi behr. LCSW, January 11, 2012
I'm so happy to see this posting today- as I pulled up HJwebsite to show a new client who came for treatment of PTSD. I use EFT a LOT with good effect & in session today my goals were 1) show her your book 2)explain how guided imagery helps calm the brain to treat PTSD and 3) teach her EFT so she has tools today to help deal w/ ongoing stressors. Happy for all these tools- and the great help you continue to provide so many via your website and resources. Many thanks and Happy New Year!
written by HeartSong, January 12, 2012
I currently use both Belleruth's guided imagery CDs and EFT, and I feel that both Belleruth and Gary Craig (EFT founder) are such jewels. I'm so grateful to them both for sharing their gifts with humankind. Here's my question: does anyone know if any techique similar to EFT has been developed to use with traumatized animals? Can a human tap on certain energy pathways in animals (I'm thinking especially about dogs) while at the same time saying something, singing, or visualizing something that will help the animal release the emotional charge of their trauma?
written by Belleruth, January 14, 2012
What an interesting question! I just sent an email to Jane Miller, author of Healing Companions: Ordinary Dogs and Their Extraordinary Power to Transform Lives, to see if she knows anything about this. I'll let you know here if I hear back.
written by Belleruth, January 20, 2012
Sure enough, Jane had answers. She recommends checking out these websites for more information:
•EFT with Animals (
•Animal EFT (
•The Lightfoot Way (
•The EFT Masters Worldwide site (
•The AMT site (

Jane herself teaches relaxation and stress reduction techniques for humans and their animals, integrating breathing techniques, Reiki (energy work), mindfulness meditation, guided imagery, acupressure points, canine massotherapy and Therapeutic Touch. You can view a demo of her technique on her website at

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