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Iíll bet many of you have seen the much discussed article in the New York Times on the research that shows how helping people with sleep deprivation, through cognitive behavioral techniques, also helps them with depression.
The reverse causal connection has been common knowledge for some time Ė that one of the results of being depressed is disordered sleep Ė either too much or too little.
So itís interesting to see that fixing sleep problems can also do some fixing of depression.
Very good news, because there are plenty of simple, effective ways to improve sleep. (Donít take my word for it Ė check out the feedback on guided imagery for sleep over at our Inspiring Story page!)  Depression is a tougher nut to crack.

Happy Thanksgiving, Our Least Neurotic Holiday! | Print |  E-mail

Hello again and hooray!  Itís soon to be Thanksgiving, my all time favorite holiday.

I love the way the whole house smells delicious and family and friends can kind of laze around and watch football, and keep going back to the fridge to eat more, sharing juicy bits of personal information between bites, at their leisure.   

To me, thereís something very permissive and forgiving about ThanksgivingÖ. maybe because itís not a religious holiday, so whatever inherent tensions, guilt, divisions, crankiness or resentment that are normally embedded in those issues just arenít evoked.

BRís New Audio for Concentration, Learning, ADHD Is in Warehouse! | Print |  E-mail

Okay, folks, itís here.  Our new audio program for Concentration, Focus & Learning, is in the warehouse, ready to ship.

Itís also designed to help with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and learning problems.

This is for adults, but will also work perfectly well for teens and even middle school kids if they donít mind listening to a few 50-cent words here and there.

Iím thinking it would make a sensational gift combined with Traci Steinís Overcoming Procrastination for someone whoís driving themselves a little nuts trying to kick start a little sustained effort and focus,  at work or at school.  Consider this as a new kind of super-functional holiday gift this season.

Joy, Strength, Dazzling Courage and Brilliant Strategy on Full Display!! | Print |  E-mail

Hello, everyone.

Well, I saw this and had to stop the presses and post it on this update page.  Please take a look at what Deborah Cohan, OBGYN and Mom of two, did in the O.R. right before her double mastectomy to prevent a likely occurrence of breast cancer later on down the road.  If nothing else, it will set you up to have a lovely day.  

Itís also very, very smart and worth imitating under similar circumstances (and even not so similar).

Watch Deb's Operating Room Flash Mob

Check Out These Terrific Holiday Gift Packs at Discounted Prices | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

I know itís early, but then again, so is Thanksgivukkah - that weird, once-every 70,000 years convergence of the first night of Hanukkah with Thanksgiving Day.

Our fabulous team in Akron has put together and discounted some terrific new holiday gift goodies, designed to save you stress in the giving, and to save the lucky recipient stress in the getting.
Weíll do all the arranging, combining, wrapping, fluffing and mailing, and weíll include your personal note.  Or you could make it really simple and just send one of our new, all-purpose gift card

Tips & Tools to Counter Domestic Violence | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

With all the focus on Pink Ribbons and Breast Cancer Month, I donít want us to lose sight of the fact that itís also Domestic Violence Awareness Month - another real scourge that needs our attention.

You can find excellent personal safety guidelines, public advocacy suggestions and opportunities to volunteer or donate at the National Coalition against Domestic Violence website.

And if youíre in a violent or abusive relationship, please check out their safety plan Ė if only one or two people see this and use it, this is worth posting.  Please send this information along to anyone you think can benefit from it. 

A Pink Ribbon Survive & Thrive Pack | Print |  E-mail

Well, itís Breast Cancer Month and pink is everywhere.  I walked into a Columbus, Ohio Krogerís yesterday and there they were, giving out pink shakes in return for a dollar donation to breast cancer research.  

Yep, youíll find pink pretty much everywhere you go, and everyone knows what that stands for, too. Very nice to see what a successful campaign this has become.

And weíre joining the crowd with our Pink Ribbon Survive & Thrive Pack for those whoíve gotten past cancer, not to mention the friends and family whoíve survived it too.

Particularly good for people who got a lot out of their guided imagery during the scariest times of their diagnosis or cancer treatment, and are now feeling the need to keep doing something, this is a way of keeping up this empowering, reassuring practice, in the service of continued wellness. 

Uzbekistan: A Great Adventure Yielding Some Serious Perspective | Print |  E-mail

Okay, so, granted, the travelogue thatís to follow has little to do with holistic health or mind-body medicine.  So shoot me.  Iím itching to describe my impressions of an extraordinary trip through Silk Road territory in Uzbekistan Ė where centuries of world trade converged, and where goods and ideas, religions and inventions, innovations in math, the arts and astronomy were exchanged along with foods, music and clothing styles - from everywhere. Wow!

I have to say that, in spite of our current Congressional lunacy, the flawed US is looking pretty darn good to me, after two and a half weeks in a family-owned country.  Even the school kids and the professors get called up to do mandatory cotton picking for export (I kid you not) for as much as two months a year.  Profits go to the president's family piggy bank.
In fact, the internet was down for 2 days in Bukhara. Why, you might ask?  The tech support staff was unceremoniously sent off to pick cotton - which, by the way, drains all the water out of the country.  Cotton is one thirsty plant, and the Aral Sea is half its original size and getting smaller every day.  If they keep this up - and they will - this country will be out of water and out of luck, in no time.  They are double-landlocked on all sides.

9 Tips to Counteract Seasonal Depression | Print |  E-mail

Hello, again.

Autumn is upon us, with markedly shorter days and sunlight becoming a whole lot scarcer. We thought it would be a good idea to revisit this piece on seasonal depression.  So here it is, with a few additions, thanks to some smart people adding their ideas.

I remember from my 33 years of clinical practice that itís right around now that the light starts to change and seasonal depression sets in.  Starting around Halloween, therapists become overbooked, their schedules bursting at the seams with new appointments and people coming back for a ďtune-upĒ, not feeling so hot all of a sudden.

Check out the New Health Journeys Gift Cards | Print |  E-mail

Hello everyone. 

Belleruth is traveling in Uzbekistan.  Since she has little or no internet access, I am filling in this week with the Health Journeys Update.

Fall has arrived in Northeast Ohio.  Itís no longer comfortable to sit outside on the deck and listen to nature while drinking the morning coffee and reviewing emails.  A good reminder to all of us here at Health Journeys that the holidays will be here before we know what happened, so weíve been busy putting together our next catalog.  We expect to be mailing it around the end of October.

Because many of you feel that the choice of a guided imagery audio is a very personal one, best left to the recipient, we are often asked if gift cards are available.  We are very pleased to tell you, that at long last we have the programs in place to offer Health Journeys gift cards. Initially, we will offer gift cards in denominations of $15, $30, $50 and $100.  Since this is a new program for us, we will be using your feedback to tailor the program to meet your needs, so if you have comments or suggestions please let us know.

BR's New Guided Imagery for Adult & Teen ADD, ADHD and LD Is Mixed! | Print |  E-mail

Well, hooray!  So, finally, after many false starts and unfortunate blips, most of them involving my windpipe, NE Ohio allergies and some wacko travel schedules, our new guided imagery recording for Concentration, Focus and Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD) is on its way to being finished - in the can, as our irreplaceable sound engineer, Bruce Gigax of Audio Recording Studios would say.
I just heard the narrative with the music in a nearly complete mix at the studio yesterday, and was delighted with how well it sounded.  And, as usual, the amazing Bruce worked wonders with my aging vocal chords.   He keeps acquiring more and more exotic software for smoothing and rounding out my voice, removing sibilance and scratchiness, and equalizing the volume.  I donít know how he stands such dreary, boring, endless work Ė but, he does and wow, is he good!

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