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This week's update comes from Health Journeys contributor Traci Stein. She is the creator of popular guided imagery titles including Healthy Self-Esteem and Free Yourself from Procrastination. She has also written articles for the Health Journeys blog. Sign up here to receive her free report about Overcoming Procrastination.


Many people have asked me about specific aspects of why we procrastinate. If you’ve read my recent Health Journeys article or my PsychologyToday.com posts on this topic, you know that there are a variety of reasons why we put off those things that we have consciously agreed to do. Luckily, there are also many effective strategies for getting things done – well, and on time.

One thing that can get in the way of getting things done is lacking confidence that we have the ability to achieve the larger goal. This is also known as “low self-efficacy.” When our self-efficacy is low, it’s like a part of us saying, “I know I can’t do it, so why even bother?” And if we think we really cannot do something, we are unlikely to stick with it, and may not even give it s serious try in the first place.

So, what can we do about this? In the hypnotherapy world, we talk about the “trances” people walk around in all of the time. The messages that we consciously and unconsciously tell ourselves, in one form or another, often for years on end, shape our idea of “truth.” And these messages become like our personal bumper stickers. Ask yourself what yours says. Does it say something discouraging, like, “Mary: Can’t complete tasks on time” or  “Joe: It won’t work out anyway, so what’s the point in trying?”

Free Apps for Relaxation, De-Stressing & PTS | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

Well, so I’ve been rooting around, trying to find good apps for relaxation, stress reduction and PTS.  This is especially important nowadays with all our returning service members - many of whom are coming back from multiple rotations (some as high as 8 - that’s a lot of occupational stress, people!) - and the dearth of therapists, healthcare providers and other properly trained professionals available to assist them with reintegration. 

So more and more we turn to the digital stuff.  

Don’t Doze: Why You May Do Better Staying Awake after a Traumatic Event | Print |  E-mail

The March issue of Imaginews, the beautiful magazine/journal of Imagery International is now out and available at their website.  Editor Bev Hollander can always be counted on to do a terrific job. Check it out.

This month’s theme is on dealing with suffering, and it can be found here.

I also want you to know about a new textbook, hot off the Routledge presses, by Ann Goelitz and Abigail Stewart-Kohn, called, From Trauma to Healing: A Social Worker’s Guide to Working with Survivors.  

It offers a wealth of critical information and support for those who work with trauma survivors or those who’ve witnessed trauma. There’s some excellent info on secondary trauma and the importance of self-care, and some great basic tips on what to look for when assessing a client, what to say in a session, and how and when to say it – really important stuff that can get overlooked in our eagerness to learn new techniques.

Huge Number of New Studies on Guided Imagery and TBI, Stroke | Print |  E-mail

Well, March is here.  Hello, March!  I’m always happy to see you again, and glad to be on the downhill roll toward spring, although here in Northeast Ohio, famous for its lake-effect gray skies, it’s hard to predict when we’ll actually see the sun.  No matter.  I can hear birds and there’s a nice, ozoney snap in the air.  That will do for now. 

March is also TBI and Brain Injury Awareness Month and as we learn more about the workings of the brain and count the casualties coming in from combat, sports and accidents, it’s worth paying some attention.  

It’s estimated that each year, 1.2 million people in the US sustain a TBI – 475,000 of them children. They’re caused by falls (35%); car crashes (17%); workplace accidents (16%); assaults (10%) and assorted other things.

She's Totally Gonna Buy that New Procrastination CD… Soon | Print |  E-mail

This morning I noticed that my extremely hilarious niece, Marjorie Ingall, a columnist for Tablet Magazine, posted this shout-out for Traci Stein’s excellent, new audio program for Procrastinators:

“I'm totally gonna buy it... soon.”

Today, I got from a friend a new paper by some Brown University scientists, offering a framework for understanding why mindfulness meditation can so effectively reduce depression and pain. 

Just to restate for those who are new to this mind-body stuff, mindfulness is a way of training the placement of your attention on present-moment experience, such as body and breath sensations, as well as moment-to-moment thoughts and feelings.  You just keep noticing these things and when your mind wanders, you notice that too, and just redirect your focus back to noticing breath, body sensation, thoughts and feelings. Pretty simple but very profound, and not so easy for most of us to do.

It’s Here!! Traci Stein’s Superb CD for Overcoming Procrastination!! | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.  

Well, many of you already know that we’ve been getting requests to make a guided imagery audio program for procrastination for a very long time.  Finally, we’ve got a terrific recording for you, and it’s hot off the presses and newly arrived at our warehouse.

It’s called Guided Self-Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself from Procrastination and it’s by psychologist, hypnotherapist and mind-body expert Traci Stein PhD, MPH.  

It’s brilliantly designed to help procrastinators put the most effective parts of their brains in the driver’s seat and to help people seamlessly and organically develop their best strategies for getting things done.

Traci draws from the latest research and the most effective hypnotic, mind-body techniques to deliver 2 guided imagery tracks – a short one and a long one - plus a separate track of affirmations to deliver powerful results.

After regular use, listeners will find themselves breaking large (and maybe overwhelming) goals into discrete, manageable tasks; sharpening their focus, concentration and work efficiency; clearly visualizing their completed goal; increasing feelings of confidence and faith in themselves; and forming healthy, well-timed work habits.  

To learn more, listen to a sample or order Traci’s 74 power packed minutes of help, hope and habit reformation, click here.   

We’re very proud to have this wonderfully skillful and effective CD on our shelves and in our catalog!

Take care and be well,

We’ve Got a New Forum for Ideas and Conversation! | Print |  E-mail

Hey, so Cindy tells me that Cheryl, Rich, Elizabeth, David, Walter, Mary, Jim, Maggie, George, Bruce, Steve, Mike, Reed and Nancy decided that we need another blog around here – a place we can:

  • Feature articles by our dazzling practitioners and authors;
  • Make it easy for you to talk to each other, and our other practitioners - not just me;
  • Allow anyone on staff to weigh in, introduce themselves, poll you for ideas, and also share with you their observations, projects and plans.
  • Provide a forum for our Professional Program members to support each other and learn from end-users about the best ways to use guided imagery and provide optimal care.

So I’m hereby announcing the Health Journeys blog –  a brand new forum that we’re eager for you to try out, opine about and tell us and each other what you think.

Warning: We've Switched Email Providers | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

It’s important to let you know that we’ve switched email providers and you have been dropped from our list if you didn’t opt in to our new service here.  Cindy decided that we really needed a different kind of capability from our emailing service, so we've replaced  Topica with Mail Chimp.

If you didn't receive this week's eNews you should signup with our new service provider.  Click here to continue receiving our newsletter.

[And if you choose not to re-up, I’ll just wish you a fond good bye, with thanks for the time we spent together!  I don’t know about you, but it’s been swell on this end.]

And speaking of swell, there’s a spectacular new book on fertility and women’s wellness that’s being released today.  
It’s called Be Fruitful: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Fertility and Giving Birth to a Healthy Child and it’s by none other than that rock star integrative medicine physician, Victoria Maizes MD. 

Procrastinators, Listen Up! Help is on the Way! | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

I’m delighted to announce that Traci Stein’s new audio program for Procrastination will be released by mid-February.  It’s totally terrific and I’m very proud to have it in our catalog.  

A couple weeks ago, when I was in the studio with our awesome audio engineer, Bruce Gigax, working out the mix of the music and Traci’s voice, we kept commenting to each other on how good it sounded.  

Bruce pointed out that he was wearing his Lucky Music Socks and perhaps some credit should go to them.  I didn’t share his opinion, but kept that to myself.  

Of course, I’d say that the biggest percentage of credit goes to Traci’s writing – words that are so beautifully articulated, technically adept and psychologically sophisticated – as well as her wonderful voice, pacing and hypnotic delivery. 

Then I’d have to give another big chunk o’ credit to Steve Kohn’s, powerfully evocative, immersive music – Steve’s music provides the perfect bed for Traci’s narrative, doubling the impact that voice alone could provide.  

And of course I’d have to give a substantial amount to Bruce for his recording, editing, pacing and mixing – this guy is such a pro!  

But his music socks?  Not so much.

Really, Is One More Book on Meditation Necessary? Yep, This One is… | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

Cindy mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we really ought to put together a good, useful flu-fighting kit for our peeps – this pesky flu has been raging around us, felling staff, family, friends, colleagues – yikes!   It’s really bad this year.

So we did.  Check it out here.  

Guided imagery is good for this – we’ve learned that immune system (cellular) imagery will indeed up-regulate bug fighting in the bloodstream – it lasts for at least 45 minutes and maybe a lot longer.  Do it a couple times a day and how bad would that be? 

BR’s Ten Tips for Fast Flu Fighting | Print |  E-mail

Well, so it seems that a dastardly flu is upon us and we’re dropping like flies.  What to do?  In addition to a shot, my standby home prevention remedies are:

  • Drops of echinacea with goldenseal (under the tongue)
  • Drops of astragalus (also under the tongue)
  • Large amounts of vitamin C
  • Washing my hands a ridiculous number of times per day
  • Trying to remember to keep my hands away from my face, but that’s pretty impossible.

One friend swears by taking drops of oreganol (yep, under the tongue) at the first sign of contagion.  My daughter-in-law sets great store by Yin Chiao tablets for stopping it in its tracks; and a colleague promises that his grandmother’s remedy from the old country (in this case, Italy) is fool proof: you crush many cloves of garlic into some milk, bring it to a boil and drink a glass of it, and it will immediately kill any bug within you.  I got as far as boiling the milk, but just couldn’t get past my gag reflex. Sometimes the remedy is tougher to take than the affliction.

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