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Belleruth is on her way to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer. This week’s update is presented by the staff of Health Journeys.

Summer is here and the time is ripe to head off for another great vacation. To help ease the challenges of summer travel, we offer these guided imagery resources to make sure you return calmed and rejuvenated.


 No matter what your vacation plan, we have created ways to bring imagery on your trip. Our Car Travel Pack will promote peace, support, safety and sanity. For those behind the wheel, Sylvia Boorstein’s Road Sage CD guides you to mindful peace, in spite of any provocation.

Our Travel Kit for Kids is just the thing to make long trips more pleasurable for the little ones, and those who travel with them. Shambala Kids Relaxed & In Control or Betty Mehling’s CD, Magic Island: Relaxation for Kids, can help children to relieve stress and enhance feelings of well-being.

Recording Imagery for Concentration Presents Challenges… Now, Where Was I? | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

Well, for some reason I keep forgetting that summer is allergy time in Northeast Ohio and my throat gets scratchier, gunkier and froggier than usual, starting in May or thereabouts.  

So when I showed up at Bruce’s studio at the end of June to record the new imagery (Help with Concentration, Focus & Learning, Including ADD, ADHD & LD), I was a complete washout.  Not the first time.  Won’t be the last, either.  Oh well.

Note to self: Remember to record in winter or early spring.

In the meantime, we’ll see how it goes with the old ears, nose and throat here on Martha’s Vineyard, where I hole up and work through September.  If these sea breezes make things better, we may just have to import Bruce and his trusty microphone (he would like this), assuming we can find a seriously soundproof studio.  But the flora and fauna around here may be worse, not better – can’t remember…. We’ll see.  We’ll figure something out, one way or t’other, and there will be a new audio by fall.

Shoutout for Mayo Clinic, Early Adopter of Guided Imagery | Print |  E-mail

We recently got a spate of new orders for our Menopause, Surgery and Grief imagery, thanks to an article from the Mayo Clinic blog about the importance of mourning the loss of a woman’s breasts after a mastectomy.  Mayo has been way ahead of the curve as an early and strong supporter of guided imagery in general and our resources in particular, and we salute them for it. They have their general information about imagery here.

Oh, and remember “Franny”, the multiply traumatized client I featured in my last book, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal?  With her permission, I used “Franny” as an example of how not to do therapy with someone suffering from posttraumatic stress.

Well, I just heard from her, and posted her email message on this week’s Inspiring Story page.  The subject line of her email was: From Franny, Who Is No More.  Check it out if you have the time, especially if you’re a therapist or a trauma survivor.  She’s truly an inspiration.

Belleruth to Talk on Guided Imagery at Strongsville Public Library | Print |  E-mail

Well, it always happens in the Spring.  I go to the studio to record our new audio for ADHD, called Concentratiion, Focus and Learning, on Bruce Gigax’s impeccably tuned, super-pricey, new microphone, and for some reason or other, I find myself sounding like a baritone frog.  Chagrined to say I got sent home, having failed to execute my mission.  

Usually allergies are the culprit. This time, I’d caught a monster cold a few days earlier, or thought I had, in Boston Harbor, in an open boat taxi on a nasty, windy, rainy day.

On reliable advice, I started gulping 3 horse pills every 3 hours of Wellness Formula, an over the counter immune support supplement you can find in any natural food store, and amazingly, that seemingly inevitable cold – it felt like it was going to be a grand 3-weeker - just faded away.  Astonishing! 

Maintaining Equanimity While Your Smoke Detector is Chirping… | Print |  E-mail

Hello everyone.

I’m smiling ruefully as I write this, because once again a smoke detector in my house is chirping.  It’s in a place I can’t reach, so I’m waiting for a rangy and supple (not to mention kindly and generous) friend  of mine to come over and set things straight.  In the meantime, I’m trying to not waste energy on being too annoyed by it, which is a little bit like trying to not think of a blue elephant.  

Remember the Curb Your Enthusiasm episode when Larry David takes a baseball bat to his smoke detector? Loved that one. (He displayed a similar arc o’ fury when he tried to open up an impervious plastic package, only I think that involved a hammer.) 

Finding a Nice Research Surprise in PubMed | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

Well, imagine our surprise when perusing the data bases of Pubmed for the latest guided imagery research, we found a U of Michigan pilot study assessing the effects of our Healthful Sleep imagery on sleep disruption and systemic inflammation in the ICU and step-down unit, following cardiac surgery (the CABG and valve replacement variety).

Even though it was a small RCT – only 20 patients in the experimental group and 20 controls – it was impeccably analyzed and written up, showing positive effects of the imagery over time, falling just short of significance.  The investigators recommend guided imagery as an adjunctive resource to remediate sleep troubles and inflammation in this post-op population, and make the case for a larger study.

You can see the full write-up on this week’s research page, here.

New Catalog, New Mind-Body Resources in the Warehouse | Print |  E-mail

Well, our new catalog is out, and has probably reached most of you who are on our snail mail list.  Let us know if you want a hard copy and didn’t get one.  And of course, you can always download a pdf file here.

I’m really happy with the new titles the staff picked out.  The impeccable Dr. Carol Ginandes has a terrific, new, double CD set for hypertension, Perfect Pressure, Healthy Heart: A Systematic Hypnotic Approach for High Blood Pressure which is simply first rate.

We’ve got Dr. Rubin Naiman’s extraordinary The Yoga of Sleep – another double CD set - that offers insights and meditations from both the science of sleep and the sacred meaning of sleep. Wow. I’ve never heard anything quite like it.

We also have 3 marvelous, new offerings for kids by Mellisa Dormoy, for building up inner resources and empowerment for dealing with grief (Healing the Hurt), anger and impulse management (Relaxed and In Control) and difficulties with concentration and focus (Calm and Clarity).

New Blog, Free Webinar, Explaining Violence to Kids… | Print |  E-mail

I just visited the new Health Journeys Blog and had a great time enjoying articles by our practitioners – Traci Stein, Julie Lusk, Mellisa Dormoy, Lynne Newman – as well as hearing from our own staff members – Maggie DeMellier and Elizabeth Hauser. If you haven’t clicked over there yet, try to check it out. These are wonderfully warm, informative, talented and fun people offering a wealth of insights and personal experiences.

The question we just got about what to do for a fearful 8-year-old who’s been terrified by the random violence of the Boston Marathon bombings on this week’s Q and A, came at the same time that one of my 8-year-old grandkids was expressing the exact same thing to me.  It was not lost on either child that a sweet, 8 year old, who’d done nothing wrong, had been murdered.

Two Free Webinars from BR on Traumatic Stress Now Posted | Print |  E-mail

Last week I recorded two webinars for IDGA, AKA the Institute for Defense and Government Advancement.  They’re now available free here. This is the same presentation that I delivered live at the Military Behavioral Healthcare Summit 2013 in Alexandria VA, and it’s being promoted for all military healthcare professionals, industry and independent physicians to watch.

In Alexandria at the conference, I really had too much material for one session, so I had to zoom through it.  And there were technical glitches at the hotel with the audio and video segments I’d carefully culled to show people.  

But for this recording, they gave me all the time I needed, and we had some great technical support, so I could actually cover everything I wanted and show those demo segments. I was happy to finally be able to have the time to flesh out the presentation properly.

New Kids’ Guided Imagery for Concentration, Anger, Grief… | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

We ordered three terrific new kids’ titles by Mellisa Dormoy for our summer catalog – her guided imagery to help with grief; another for managing anger; and a third for encouraging focus, concentration (help with ADHD). We’ve been looking for good kid resources on these topics for a very long time now.  These audios arrived at the warehouse sooner than expected, so Cindy asked me to tell you about them now.
And I’m happy to.  My grandkids have been test-driving them, and the grade school set has given Mellisa an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Belleruth’s Event Calendar: Talks, Teleseminars and Webinars | Print |  E-mail

Hello again.

People have been asking when and where I’ll be speaking next.  I’ve cut down the amount of public talks I’ve been doing – mainly because I’ve got a lot of compellingly delicious grandkids to visit, plus there’s some serious travel-for-fun I want to get to, while I’m still a pretty spry and energetic dame.  

So I’ve slowed down on my speaking.  But I don’t plan to stop, and besides, there’s always the handy webinar and teleseminar, where you can give a talk or workshop to a national or international audience, and still stay at home.  How fabulous and amazing is that, I ask you?  

(The interview taped by NICABM with Ruth Buczynski on combat trauma, for instance, reached over 8,000 people around the world on its first go-round – far more than I could ever hope for - and that was done at my desk at home.)

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